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Our Mission

  • Provide opportunities for youth soccer players to excel in individual and team soccer skills, in a challenging and competitive environment.
  • Ensure that each participant has an enjoyable soccer experience while moving towards his or her personal goals.
  • Maintain a reputation as the model Tier 1 and Tier 2 program that constantly strives for character development, fair play and a higher level of achievement.
  • Develop the highest quality facilities, program and coaching staff in the Province of Alberta.





Yvonne Seethram

Cell: 780 975-2367

Vice President

Rob Risling

Cell: 780 974-4632


Elise Seethram


Candace Gitzel


Terry Courtney


James Prentice


Ed Wright

780 499-2583

Director at Large/Coach representative

Kyle Jhamandas

Director at Large/Gym Allocator

Jo-Anne Johnstone

Director at Large/Team representative

Lyndell Grey

Director at Large

Massimo Pazienza

Director at Large/Merchandise

Jim Kiezik

780 905-5077

Director at Large

Inderpal Parmar

Club Adminstrator

Francine Sundby

Technical Director

Ernie Cavaliere

Grassroots Coordinator

Alex Dickson

AR Assignor

Gregory Kiema

The Edmonton Drillers Youth Soccer Club has been operating a successful club soccer program out of Edmontons’ North zone, as a member of the Edmonton Interdistrict Youth Soccer Association (EIYSA), since 2003. 

The focus of the Drillers rests primarily on developing the physical and mental skills of youth players to successfully perform in the competitive soccer ranks. The Drillers have a player development program in place designed to build and hone player skills as well as an active coach management program designed to guide coaches and ensure they are supported to develop and reach their own personal best. 

Drillers' Grassroots Program open to all boys and girls ages 3-9, is based on providing any player regardless of ability or prior experience the opportunity to take part in a high quality environment. Our emphasis is on providing players the ability to be challenged by training with players at the similar stage of athletic / social development. The main goal is to provide the opportunity for “any” player to be part of an environment / receive the coaching that used to be associated to elite clubs. We believe this provides a stronger base for keeping our kids active and involved in the sport for the entirety of their life, instead of dropping out at a young age. The program has been developed and delivered based on Canada Soccer’s Long Term Player Development Model, specifically focusing on “Active Start” and “Fundamentals” pathways. It provides players with age appropriate activities and games that give all players the best chance of success by adapting training competition and coaching to their needs.

Following the opportunities and experiences the player has received within the Grassroots Program the player then moves into the U10 – U17 stages of development.  Here player focus is divided into two main categories based on the Canada Soccer player pathways.  Players from U10 – U13 are progressing through the Developmental stages, followed by U15 - U17, which are the Competitive stages. 

At the Developmental stage, focus is primarily on basic technique and skill acquisition within a fun, cooperative environment.  It is here where the players will also begin to develop an understanding of basic game concepts and hopefully find a passion for the game that will carry them through to the next stage.

The Competitive stage will continue to build on all the foundational knowledge and abilities they have developed while entering into more structured and competitive training and league environments.  This stage also places more emphasis on advanced strategy and tactics that can be incorporated due to their continued technical improvements.  As the players move through and graduate out of this stage there is potential for both Provincial and National Competition, University and College team selection, and finally continued play through the Adult leagues as a life long player of the game.

In addition, the Drillers is one of few Clubs in Edmonton that has competitive teams at the adult level playing in the Edmonton District Soccer Association. With this Drillers' players have an opportunity to continue to play within the Club once they are done their youth career.

If you have questions about the Drillers, the club's program, etc., please contact one of the Club representatives noted on our website.

Yours in Soccer,
Edmonton Drillers Youth Soccer Club
("The Drillers") Board of Directors

  • The Drillers provide comprehensive and technically enjoyable programs for the development of competitive players and teams.

  • As Drillers teams mature there is an increasing commitment to competitiveness and responsibility to self, team and organization.

  • To hire technically competent, experienced coaches and staff.





Coach Name


Grassroots U4-U8


Alex Dickson

U9 Boys Coach Guillermo Barreiro

  Manager Demelza Tucker
U10 Boys


Rocky DeLuca


Assistant Coach Ravi Mohammed


Manager Sholeh Drackett
U11 Boys Coach Ray Hegerat

  Co-Coach Chris Toal

  Manager Carlos Lugo


U12 Boys

Coach Todd Tansowny


Assistant Coach Richard Boer  


Chris Striemer
U12 Boys Coach Michael Lounsbury

  Assistant Coach

Darren Gafiuk
  Manager Michelle Pendry


U13 Boys


Michael Johnstone


Assistant Coach

Cody Wright



Lisa Lemish 


U13 Boys Coach Srdjan Gajic

  Assistant Coach Stefan Gajic
  Manager Manal Assiff


U15B Tier 2


Michael Thompson


Assistant Coach

Scott Gibb




U15B Tier 1 Coach

Santi Muniz

Assistant Coach

Austin Berry


Jim Kiezik
U15G Tier 1 Coach Elvin Wegner

  Assistant Coach    
  Manager Amanda Soungie


U17B Tier 1


Massimo Pazienza



Shawn McDonnall


Sherry Halliday

Major League Men


Ralph Schmidt



Rob Risling


Premier Men


Alberto Anayla



Rob Risling