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The Edmonton Drillers Youth Soccer Club is a member of the Edmonton Interdistrict Youth Soccer Association (EIYSA), the Edmonton District Soccer Association (EDSA) and the Alberta Major Soccer League (AMSL)

The focus of the Drillers youth programs, along with other EIYSA clubs, rests primarily on developing the physical and mental skills of youth players to successfully perform in the competitive soccer ranks.

The Drillers have four programs that hone player skills from Grassroots through Adult:

The Drillers have a player development program in place designed to build and hone player skills as well as an active coach management program designed to ensure we get the best possible coaches. With this Drillers' players have an opportunity to continue to play within the Club once they are done their youth career.

If you have questions about the Drillers, the club's program, etc., please contact one of the Club representatives noted on our contacts. 

U4/,U5/U6 and U7/U8 Grassroots Program

Click here for informaiton or to register


Teachers Convention Camp

Edmonton Drillers Youth Soccer Club is pleased to offer a training center for the player who is passionate about soccer and dedicated more than most players at his/her age. 

Camp Dates: Thursday, March 1 and Friday, March 2, 2018 

2018 Camp Details

  • ASA Three Star Endorsed Camp.
  • For players in the U8 and U10 age category.
  • Our certified coaches will introduce players to the FUNdamentals of the beautiful game using a ‘Learning to Train’ environment.
  • Each participant will receive 2 sessions which will incorporate the use of varied and fun small sided soccer games and skills practices.
  • Along with the physical improvements of playing the game of soccer, players will experience a vibrant group play environment and hone valuable social skills like listening, sharing, taking turns and team work.
  • Space is limited so register early.
Contact the Club Administrator for more information or click on the "Register Here" button to register and secure a spot.
  • Committed and passionate… players 8 and 9 years of age;
  • Compete against other EIYSA Clubs;
  • Skill development focus in a fun filled team environment led by certified, qualified coaches;
  • There will be no tryouts for U9/U10 but we will have an orientation session during tryouts which allow players and parents to come and check out the program. Registration is based around first-come first-serve;
  • The U9/U10 program runs in the Indoor (November – March) and Outdoor (May– July) season. Players register for each season independently;
  • Games held weekly, except long weekends;
  • Team size will be capped so as to ensure maximum playing time for all;
  • Two 75 minute training sessions per week with focus on individual player development;
  • Supporting coaches:  Alex Dickson and Ernie Cavaliere (Drillers Technical Director).

      Registration Fees:

      Registration Fee: $495
      Uniform Deposit: $100.00
      Fundraiser Fee: $150.00

  • Players tryout for teams by birth year
  • Compete against other EIYSA Clubs
  • Two 75 minute training sessions per week
  • Approximately 1 League game per week as schedule by the league.
  • LLD training for keepers.
  • The league runs in the Indoor (November – March) and Outdoor (May– August) season.
  • Players tryout for each season independently.
  • Fundamental skill development
    • Technical Development - Dribbling skills, passing, shooting, attacking skills (1v1 moves), defending skills
    • Tactical Development - Player's decision making on and around the ball
    • Physical Literacy -Speed, agility and quickness
    • Social Development - Working in a team environment, Respecting coach, Respecting teammates, Respecting referee, Respecting opponents
    • Psychological Development - Develop player confidence with the ball, Teaching responsibility (game day preparation), Player positions and formation will be emphasized

      Registration Fees:

      Registration Fee: $595
      Uniform Deposit: $100.00
      Fundraiser Fee: $150.00

Players participating on our U15 & U17 competitive teams compete in the Edmonton Interdistrict Youth Soccer Association (EIYSA) against 11 other clubs in Edmonton and surrounding areas.  

  • Open to players 13-16 years of age from Edmonton and surrounding areas.
  • Each age group has two tiers (1 and 2).
  • Teams participate in an Outdoor season (April – August) and an Indoor season (October – March).
  • Each season has tryouts prior to the start of the season.
  • Players attend two tryouts to evaluated their skill by our technical staff.
  • After the second tryout coaches offer spots on the team based on skill and team requirements. 
  • Each team consists of a Coach, Assistant Coach (may be more than one) and a Manager.
  • For the indoor season, all NEW players to the club will receive socks, shorts and training t-shirts. For the outdoor season, all players will receive socks, shorts and training t-shirts.
  • Senior qualified coaches and trainers.
  • Regularly scheduled technical training sessions.
  • LLD training for keepers.
  • $100.00 Keeper allowance
  • Nationals at Tier 1 level
  • National bursaries to participating teams.
  • Parents are required to participate in a club fundraiser. Each parent will receive a number of tickets to sell.  If the parent sells all of the tickets they will earn their fundraiser fee back.
  • A uniform deposit is collected at the beginning of each season. Uniform deposits will be cashed if jerseys are not returned or returned damaged. All cheques not being cashed will be shredded at the end of each season.
  • Competitive skill development

       Registration Fees

      Registration Fee: $645
      Uniform Deposit: $100.00
      Fundraiser Fee: $150.00

Our adult teams compete in the Edmonton District Soccer Association Adult League (EDSA) and the Adult Major Soccer League operated by the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA).

We have teams in the Major, Premier and Div 1 Leagues

The Drillers Club is pleased to announce that Tomasz Janas will continue our fine tradition of providing specialized keeper training to all keepers within our Club at no extra cost to the keepers. 

Tomasz is the most recognized, respected goalkeeper coach in the City of Edmonton and our Club is thrilled to be able to offer training by Tomasz.


Make DRILLERS your new home to develop and grow as a player in an enthusiastic club environment!!